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The Jamia Aiya Sufia, the imam gave the sermon with a sword

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Istanbul: In The Jamia Aiya Sufia, the imam gave the sermon with a sword, but what is it actually considered a symbol? Something you probably don’t know. Turkish Religious Affairs Professor Dr. Ali Erbash handed over the sermon Friday in Aya Sofia, the sword-holding sermon is a tradition of the Ottoman era and is considered a symbol of victory.

The historic mosque of Istanbul in Turkey was the place where thousands of people from all over the country came to the fore when the azan’s sada was raised in the streets of The Sufis. Before the prayer, Turkish President Erdogan received the holy Qur’an, while the Minister of Religious Affairs Dr. Ali Erbash gave the sermon. And when he climbed the sword on the stairs, he was glorious to the onlookers.

They held the sword in their hands, which on one hand conveyed a message of “strengthening and trusting” the allies on the one hand, to the hearts of the enemies.

On this occasion, 18,000 police personnel were deployed on security, while 800 doctors and 110 ambulances were deployed to provide medical facilities. 3 imams and 5 Mozin of Turkey received the share of the sermon and the payment of the ad.

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