Monster Hunter Stories 2 Launch Guide: Platforms, Size, Length, and More

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One of the most anticipated games of the summer is nearly upon us! Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is the latest entry in Capcom’s Monster Hunter Series. We’ve watched all the livestreams, played through the demo, and gathered all the information you need to know in one convenient place. This is everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin to get you prepared for launch day.

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What is Monster Hunter Stories 2?

This is a sequel to Monster Hunter Stories, a 2016 spinoff of the Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter Stories 2 puts you in the shoes of Leo. Leo is a Rider, a monster tamer, and the grandson of Red, the protagonist of the first game. Leo and his friends must uncover why the Rathalos, a type of dragon, have started to disappear all over the world. The secret seems to lie with a newborn Rathalos, born with black wings, who is said to have the potential to end the world.  

The Monster Hunter Stories series differentiates itself from the main series in a few ways. The game is heavily story-driven, with a focus on unique characters and an overarching plot. The real-time action is replaced by a classic RPG-style turn-based system, complete with attacks, special abilities, and items. While you do fight monsters, you also raise them as your allies and battle companions. 

When does Monster Hunter Stories 2 release?


Monster Hunter Stories 2 will release on July 9, 2021. 

Capcom originally announced Monster Hunter Stories 2 as part of a September 2020 Nintendo Direct. The game was initially given a launch window of summer 2021, which was then narrowed down to July during a March digital event. The final July 9 release date was confirmed during an April livestream. Rejoice! Monster Hunter Stories 2 is nearly upon us. 

What platforms will Monster Hunter Stories 2 release on?

Monster Stories Hunter 2 will be available on Nintendo Switch, and on Windows PC via Steam. 

The initial announcement and most of the press surrounding Monster Hunter Stories 2 have been tied closely with the Nintendo Switch, so that is no surprise. At Capcom’s March digital event, they revealed that a Windows PC edition of the game, sold through Steam, would release on the same day as the Nintendo Switch version.  

What is the file size of Monster Hunter Stories 2?


Nintendo confirmed that the Switch version of Monster Hunter Stories 2 will take up 13.5 Gb, either on the built-in system storage, or on a micro SD card (sold separately).  

According to the minimum requirements on Steam, users should plan to allocate 28Gb.

How long is Monster Hunter Stories 2?

If the original Monster Hunter Stories is any indication, then most average users should complete the game with around 50 hours of total playtime. That includes finishing the main story and a moderate amount of side quests. 

The exact length of an RPG can vary significantly from user to user. Some players speed through the story, skipping many of the side quests. Others tend to meander a bit more, completing all that there is before finishing the game. Seeing playtimes of less than 30 hours for speedier gamers and above 80 hours for completionists would be similar to the first Monster Hunter Stories game.  

Does Monster Hunter Stories 2 have a demo?

There is a Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. It is free in the Nintendo eShop and allows you to play through the beginning section of the game. You can level your character up to level 11, and your progress can be imported into the full game when it is released. It is a great way to try out the game and get a feel for the mechanics before launch. 

Is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Stories 2?


Monster Hunter Stories 2 has both cooperative and player-versus-player multiplayer modes. Multiplayer modes are online only and require everyone has their own system and game. Capcom has not announced crossplay for the game, so it is unlikely that PC gamers and Nintendo Switch gamers will be able to play together. 

PVP modes allow up to four Riders and their companions to do battle. Options can be set to auto-balance characters to make fights fair, or to allow level and equipment to factor into battles.  

Co-op will take place in special multiplayer expeditions, where teams of human-controlled Riders hunt monsters together, for special rewards. This is also being billed as an excellent way to find monster eggs, allowing you to build up your team for use in single-player or multiplayer.

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