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COVID-19: Public is now playing a blame-game

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COVID-19: Public is now playing a blame-game – Pakistan crossed one lakh coronavirus patients but after a long lockdown with strict penalties what went wrong? The public is now playing a blame game some are blaming the government for not enforcing a lockdown even earlier some blaming the public itself for not following the Typical Effective Procedures (SOPs) given by the government. But the real question still exists what went wrong from two coronavirus patients to one lakh patients and increasing. We will be covering both sides.

On 26 February 2020 Pakistan announced it’s first two COVID-19 patients people were having mixed reviews some were panicked but many relaxed as the days passed more news started to come there was more panic, people were rushing to get supplies to face masks hand sanitizers and disinfectant was out of stock. The only thing public wanted at that time was a lockdown they believed will end coronavirus. Our Prime Minister didn’t want to enforce a lockdown according to him the lower-class people would die of hunger but what really was in his mind no one knows.

Prime Minister finally imposed a lockdown on 23rd of March 2020, the public was somehow satisfied the lockdown remained but still new cases every day were recorded. As the lockdown continued and extended we were seeing the vast majority of people going against the lockdown because of financial issues, destroyed businesses, industries, empty factories more unemployment. In May 2020 Imran Khan took off the lockdown converting it into smart lockdown. Almost all businesses were back to normal people were pretty much happy with the decision of the government.

But later in Ramazan a few days before Eid public rushed towards markets for Eid shopping. After the lockdown was converted into smart lock down the number of patients were increasing at a very high rate each day more than five thousand people were tested positive for coronavirus. But why the public is blaming the government now. It has nobody to do through the government. We all know the majority of the people were not using proper SOPs. In markets, people were not maintaining distance nor wearing masks still blaming the government.

government’s work is to advise the public to follow SOPs they cannot pick up every person and make them follow the SOPs. What if the government imposed a strict curfew at the beginning of the first two cases in Pakistan. A long strict lockdown would have resulted in lesser coronavirus patients, but it would cause more unemployment, more poverty and more hunger. But some other strategies in the past could help us in controlling the virus. Now the condition is at it’s worse more than one lakh people are infected with two thousand deaths. But even worse there are no beds available in hospitals all COVID-19 medicines are being short and are unavailable.

Today we are on one lakh cases tomorrow we could be on more the only thing we can do is stay home and follow the SOPs until there is a vaccine available either curative or preventative. We are in a situation where our generations have never been before we can criticize the government but we cannot blame it for being the reason behind the growing number of cases. It’s time to stop blaming and start working to end this pandemic.

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