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British Airways operation resumes for Pakistan

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British Airways has decided to resume air operations for Pakistan. In this regard, British Airways has sought assurances from the Pakistani authorities to complete the arrangements.

Ritchie Airways has asked the Islamabad Airport Manager for details regarding the arrangements and asked him to inform you about the start of cleaning and other facilities at Islamabad Airport.

In addition, the situation of gates and lounges used by Airways has also been investigated. British Airways has asked Pakistani authorities to verify that the fixed bridges attached to the British Airways plane are safe. After assurances from Pakistan, British Airways is likely to resume air operations to Pakistan from August.

It may be recalled that British Airways had launched an air operation for Pakistan in June 2019 after a long hiatus which was stopped due to Coronavirus. British Airways decided to resume its service to Pakistan after 11 years, which was hailed as a major breakthrough and achievement by the Pakistani government.

British Airways had announced three flights a week from Islamabad to Heathrow Airport. British Airways had said that the latest aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be used for flights. British Airways suspended its air service to Pakistan in 2008 after the Marriott bombing in Islamabad. Robert William, British Airways’ representative in Islamabad, told a news conference that the company had decided to resume flight operations as the security situation in Pakistan improved.

Following the announcement of British Airways, some experts had expressed concern that the direct flights of British Airways could harm the national airline PIA. Pakistan’s national airline PIA operated about 22 flights a week to the UK. The PIA’s monopoly on this lucrative route ended 11 years later.

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